Basingstoke - Old Basing

University of the Third Age

Registered charity no: 1086263

This page lists the Officers and Committee members and also some others who have generic roles within the organisation

It is the policy of this website not to include personal contact details visibly on the page but you may communicate with any of the committee (and with the Group Leaders) directly from this web site - click on a job title or see the Group’s page for the Group Leaders.  This facility is, however, only as good as the information I have (group leaders must keep me informed of email addresses).  In the meantime, you can find contact details in the Member’s Handbook, a copy of which is sent to all members.

You can, however, send a message (about the website itself) to myself by clicking here.

Officers & Committee Members


Margaret Hayes

Vice Chairman

Marie White

Business Secretary

Janet Field


Sue Seamour

Membership Secretary

Linda Wain

Group Organiser

Joan Carnell

Programme Secretary


System Manager

Liz Horner


Harvey Wallace

Assets Manager

Ian Stimpson


Vee Holliday

Richard Field

Minute Secretary (non-Committee Member)

Brenda Austin