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University of the Third Age

Registered charity no: 1086263

Welcome to the life long learning and social organisation for the Retired and Semi-retired living in the Basingstoke area.

These pages provide information for members and for those who may be interested in joining. You will find details of lots of activity groups, each with its own page of information.

If you are already a Member your contributions for this site are welcomed.  Please click through to the Contact Us page and send me your comments, suggestions, criticisms or (of course) praise.  Queries about specific groups should be addressed to the relevant group leader by submitting the form on that group’s page.  Forms can also be found on the committee pages to enable communication specific to that officer.

On the News page you will find up to the minute information about new groups or ideas and changes to previously published information.

The Group Schedule page has a table showing the usual meeting times for all the groups in a table.

If you found us just by browsing and would like to know more about our organisation with a view to joining, then click through to the About Us page or just browse at will through the site, before ending up at the Membership page.

Many of the pages on this site have pictures.  When these are presented as small ‘thumbnails’ then usually a larger version can be discovered by hovering the mouse over them.  Sometimes pictures are grouped together as Galleries which can be played as slide shows.  Your browser may need some settings changed to view these.

You may also be interested in the following.  The Virtual U3A (vU3A), which went live in January 2009, is an online-only U3A, affiliated to the Third Age Trust.  One of its principal aims is to provide the U3A experience for those who are rendered isolated in some way by circumstances or geography and unable to play a full part in a terrestrial U3A.  More information is available on the public website where one can also apply for membership of THAT ORGANISATION.  Why not pay it a visit?  And if you know of anyone who might benefit, please pass the information on.  Be careful - in order to join OUR U3A click the Membership link on this page not the vU3A link.

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