Q. There are some parts of the third movement I can't play - can I still come?

A. Provided that you can play most of the work and can follow in the parts that you can’t play - then you will gain from attending.

Q. I don't drive - Is the venue far from the station in Whitchurch?

A. The website for the venue (click here) describes the distance as a 10 minute walk and has detailed directions and hints about buses.  If ‘cellists send an appropriate message (click here) we can probably arrange to collect them from the station.

Q. Can my friend come and listen to the run through at the end?

A. Yes

Q. Do you know of anyone else coming from the ...... area with whom I might share the driving?

A. All we know about attendees is their name, instrument and email address.  If you mention the matter when you first attend, we could ask for you.

Q. What standard of player is this workshop aimed at?

A. Standard is a difficult measure.  How long ago did you pass any exam?  What have you done since?  The short answer is probably Grade 6.